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ACE Products & Consulting offers technical and process consulting services to the rubber and silicone industries. By learning, teaching and consulting, ACE helps to elevate the level of cutting edge knowledge across the industry – giving our customers and partners a competitive advantage.

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ACE offers unique solutions that lead you forward to confidently understand the state of product development, industry cycles and trends – but the lab to the regulatory realm to the global economic climate.

How can ACE help?

Working in our own iLearn facilities or on-site with clients, our experts will inform and empower you to successfully navigate these situations:

  • New process launches
  • Process improvements
  • Strategic planning
  • Leadership training
  • LEAN manufacturing
  • Mergers and integrations
  • Company structure and restructuring
  • International sourcing and approval
  • Silicone and rubber compounding
  • Technology
  • Silicone and rubber extrusion technology
  • Silicone and rubber molding technology
  • Metric and accountability systems
  • Capital expansion projects
  • ISO and ISO with design

ACE is an ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Independent Laboratory

ANAB is an internationally recognized accrediting organization that assures global acceptance of ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories’ test reports and calibration certificates for the purposes of free trade and regulatory acceptance.

Explore Industries We Work With


Increase fuel economy and weather resistance.


O-rings, gaskets and seals.


Window glazing and weather stripping.

Consumer Goods

Comply with regulatory requirements.


Safety and compliance testing.


Material property measurement.


Strength, wear and temperature testing.

Wire & Cable

Cords jackets and cable flammability.

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