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Lab Testing, Consulting, Seminars & Career Training

ACE provides lab testing, consulting and innovative compounding process improvements for raw material producers, compounders and fabricators around the globe – with the industry’s shortest lead times.

ACE is an ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Independent Laboratory

ANAB is an internationally recognized accrediting organization that assures technical expertise and global acceptance of ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories’ test reports for the purposes of free trade and regulatory acceptance.


Physical Testing

Does your product comply with regulations and match consumer expectations? ACE’s physical testing capabilities will assure that your final product meets the demands of government regulations, industry standards, and customer-specific protocols.


Analytical Testing

ACE’s many analytical test capabilities include specialized equipment and an array of wet chemistry solutions. Looking to outshine competitors but there is no established ASTM standard? ACE offers custom test solutions by creating methods that meet customer-defined applications.


Expert Consulting

A team of agile, highly trained professionals puts ACE in the vanguard of today’s most solutions-oriented independent testing laboratories. Our broad scope for research makes ACE a great partner for preserving product integrity in increasingly competitive industries and markets. 

Education Seminars

ACE is the only research and development lab that also offers instruction and training for strategic professionals, hands-on equipment operators, and students. ACE invites industry experts to share latest insights so engineers, technical managers, purchasing, and HR professionals can deepen their knowledge in this competitive field. Housing and transportation can be arranged for out-of-town guests.

Career Training

ACE’s iLearn Innovation Institute is a learning center equipped with an interactive SMART board, plus an on-site, fully equipped, hands-on workshop with a rubber press, benchtop extruder, mixer, and test equipment where students can apply classroom learning.

Upcoming Training Events

Rubber Testing: Selecting, Performing, & Interpreting ASTM Rubber Test Methods

About the Course This 2-day course gives you a comprehensive overview of the most commonly used ASTM rubber test methods. Learning Outcomes By the end of this course you will be able to: Describe the nature of each test method Discuss why each method is performed Interpret test results Discuss how test results can be […]

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USA Rubber Industry Training Week 2019

Please join us for USA Rubber Industry Training Week, jointly organized by TechnoBiz and ACE with FIVE specialized training seminars on rubber processing during 2-5 December 2019 at ACE Products & Consulting LLC, Ravenna, OH. These topics are aimed for chemists, engineers and technical managers in rubber industry. Training Schedule: 2 Dec 2019 (8.30am-4.30pm): Property […]

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Rubber Compounding for Durability – Endurica Event

Are you challenged to make your rubber products last longer?  Rubber compounds are complex mixtures of polymers, reinforcing fillers, oils / plasticizers, curatives, stabilizers, and other additives that are combined in relatively quick mixing processes.  Durability is impacted by all these ingredients, their interactions, and the quality of the mixing.  This one-day course will teach […]

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What our customers are Saying

The evaluations performed by ACE have been critical in bringing new products to market. The formal reports provided us with valuable information to show potential customers.

Chris Wagner

Marketing & Law Director, ChemSpec

ACE’s extensive industry knowledge continues to help us develop markets and applications. Their lab and ability to perform raw material evaluations helps us help our customers.

Steve Schabel

Director of Business Development, KoreChem, Inc

ACE provided more value to our company on this project than there is room to list. I would recommend hiring any company whose culture is being created and driven by Mr. Sharp.

Mike Baach

President & CEO, Philpott Rubber & Plastics

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