Rubber Process Analyzer (RPA)

ASTM D6204 and ASTM D6601


In addition to the listed standards, the dynamic capacity of RPA testing can reveal valuable data related to raw materials and compounded materials alike. Similarly dynamic in the type of material that it can analyze, the RPA tests both pre-vulcanization characteristics as well as post cure properties for compounded materials.

Test Details

ASTM D6204 quantifies the viscoelastic properties of both uncompounded raw elastomers as well as unvulcanized elastomer compounds which can be utilized for both QC and R&D evaluation. ASTM D6601 establishes a methodology to determine cure characteristics under various strains and frequencies.

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ANAB is an internationally recognized accrediting organization that assures technical expertise and global acceptance of ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories’ test reports for the purposes of free trade and regulatory acceptance.

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