ACE Products and Consulting Announces Kickoff Classes for December 2018

by | Nov 12, 2018 | Events, Media Features, News

Ravenna OH, November 12, 2018 – ACE Products and Consulting, an accredited, independent testing and R&D laboratory, announced its 2018 kickoff schedule of classes to be held at the iLearn Innovation Institute in Ravenna, Ohio. The Institute is an ACE initiative designed to further the education and development of technical employees, aspiring technical students, industry professionals, and companies looking to expand their training capabilities. December classes include “Trade Wars and U.S. Tariffs”, “The Global Silicone Market Analysis”, and “A Lunch and Learn – Prop 65 Compliance”.   Class registration is currently open with online registration available on the company’s website. 

Topics to be covered in the December 12 morning class Trade Wars and U.S. Tariffs include: understanding of world tariffs, current tariff & retaliation, tariff on China (emphasis), tariff on partner countries, tariff exclusion, sanction on Iran, and other compliance issues.

On December 12 for the afternoon session, The Global Silicone Market Analysis class features basic processing of silicone monomer to better explain key factors that affect monomer supply.  Class attendees will also review the events that sparked the 2017 silicone market volatility, the current state of the market, and future projections.  This course also covers the global producers of silicone monomer, their capacities and regional price ranges.

The class on December 13th features a Lunch and Learn on California Proposition 65 Compliance. Class includes a complimentary luncheon and parts one and two subject-matter to cover requirements of compliance and an in-depth look into compliance testing and more.

For those interested, to register or to learn more, visit the company’s website at, email us or call us at 330-577-4088

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