ACE iLearn Innovation Institute Kickoff a Success

by | Dec 19, 2018 | Events, Media Features, News

Ravenna OH, December 19, 2018 – ACE Products and Consulting, an accredited, independent testing and R&D laboratory, recently held its first iLearn Innovation Institute class offerings. Inaugural classes were well attended and represented a broad spectrum of industries including rubber, silicone and plastics manufacturing, automotive, construction, coatings and railroad.  Subject-matter focused on current and future trends and issues facing the industry. Christie Robinson, Director of iLearn Innovation Institute made the announcement.

iLearn is an ACE initiative designed to further the education and development of technical employees, aspiring technical students, and companies looking to expand their training capabilities.

“We were extremely pleased with the attendance, quality of attendees, and engagement from class members of this initial class offering,” said Christie Robinson. “Particularly, coming at the end of the year when everyone’s schedules are full, and budgets have been allocated. We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome from our first classes and for our attendees.”

Robinson, an educator and industry training professional herself, gauges the success of learning outcomes from class evaluations.  She noted that feedback was very positive. In particular, Dennis Askew, Business Development Manager, Rahco Rubber, Inc., commented on his iLearn experience.

“The Global Silicone Market Analysis session was excellent.  Very informative and articulately presented,”
said Askew.

Robinson hopes to grow the online presence of classes in 2019 which feature convenience and a true interactive classroom experience.

“We are working on an enhanced virtual conferencing attendance experience with the inclusion of interactive cameras, speakers, and whiteboards,” said Robinson. “However, in-class participation is still highly encouraged so that attendees may benefit from networking with other attendees and seeing ACE Laboratories up-close and personal with a plant tour at the conclusion of every class.”

Currently, ACE is finalizing the 2019 first quarter schedule of classes. For those interested, or to learn more, call Christie Robinson at 330-577-4088 or visit the company’s website at

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