Rheology RPA

ASTM D6204 & ASTM D6601

ASTM D6204


This test method is used to measure viscoelastic properties of raw rubber as well as un-vulcanized rubber compounds. These viscoelastic properties may relate to factory processing behavior.

Test Details

This test method covers the use of a rotor-less oscillating shear rheometer for the measurement of the flow properties of raw rubber and un-vulcanized rubber compounds. These flow properties are related to factory processing.

ASTM D6601


This test method covers the use of a rotor-less oscillating shear rheometer for measuring after cure dynamic properties at predetermined temperature(s) below the cure temperature.

Test Details

This test method also will measure the dynamic properties of the vulcanizate at temperatures significantly below the cure temperature. These lower temperature measurements are necessary in order to more effectively relate to rubber product service conditions.

This test method may be used for quality control in rubber manufacturing processes and for research and development testing of rubber compounds containing curatives. This test method also may be used for evaluating cure and dynamic property differences resulting from the use of different compounding ingredients.

Specified cure conditions that approximate a “static cure” also are covered to minimize effects on cured rubber compound dynamic properties. This test method is not intended to replace Test Method D5289.

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