ASTM D5289


This test method is used to determine the vulcanization characteristics of (vulcanizable) rubber compounds.

Test Details

This test method may be used for quality control in rubber manufacturing processes, for research and development testing of raw-rubber compounded in an evaluation formulation, and for evaluating various raw materials used in preparing (vulcanizable) rubber compounds.

The test specimen in a rotor-less cure meter approaches the test temperature in a shorter time and there is a better temperature distribution in the test specimen due to the elimination of the unheated rotor found in oscillating disk cure meters.

Several manufacturers produce rotor-less cure meters with design differences that may result in different torque responses and cure times for each design. Correlations of test results between cure meters of different designs should be established for each compound tested, and for each set of test conditions.

This test method covers a method for the measurement of selected vulcanization characteristics of rubber compounds using unsealed and sealed torsion shear cure meters. The two types of instruments may not give the same results.

An alternative method for the measurement of vulcanization characteristics is given in Test Method D2084.

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