Compression Set


What is Compression Set?

This test is designed to determine the ability of rubber compounds to withstand compressive stresses and their agility after compression. The application of a stress can be a continual and these tests can be undertaken at varying temperatures.


This test can determine the properties of a rubber compound and its ability to perform in certain applications and under specific types of stress. An example of static applications include:

Static Compression – A compound that excels under constant compression or static stress is useful in applications that require a tight fit with no need for the rubber to return to within 25% of the original thickness. An example of static compression is a seal that is used in many enclosures not opened or closed repeatedly.

Test Details

Compression set tests are mainly applicable for materials, components and products which will be used in conditions involving static stresses, and for use in both an air or liquid environment. The test covered by this standard includes:

  • Test B – Compression set under constant deflection in air – Nondestructive method for determining relationship between compressive load and deflection under load for vulcanized rubber.

While the test method is optional, it provides the opportunity to align with the service for which the results are intended.

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